She was real to them, and she loved them for seeing her.
Dean Koontz



  intressanta tankar

I'm the weather. Neither good nor bad. Just there.
Dean Koontz

Survival is like love. Both are blind.
Stephen King

Jag har tränats i konsten att ständigt resa mig upp.
Alexandra Paskalidou

What else could he do? He had no choice but keep moving.

He had learnt already that one step after another would take him where he needed to go.

Yes, she had been born in violence and in horror, but birth was usually difficult, often violent, and sometimes horrible.
Stephen King

...genom att vara sitt tuffa, strålande sanna jag. Salomos jämlike. Konungens värdige motståndare...
Sara Ban Breathnach

Det är väl det det handlar om -- maximal njutning.
Den som är gladast vinner.
Alexandra Paskalidou

I gave all I could to this album, it’s me.
Enjoy it because it’s the last time I’m living it.
As humans we grow and the next album
will be about how I’m living now - and I’m loving life.
Rapper the Game

On the spiritual level,
completely unconsciously,
we make our destinies for ourselves.
Dean Koonz

One lives within a pattern: to ignore this is to take many false directions, but the moment the hidden movement is respected, it becomes the guide, and in retrospect one can trace a clear pattern that continues to unfold.
Peter Brook

Although the invisible is not compelled to manifest itself, it may at the same time do so anywhere,
and at any moment, through anyone,
as long as the conditions are right.
Peter Brook

I want your heart,
if you want to learn something, go to school.
Stephen King

Universum arbetar med dig och för dig.
Det är inte din fiende.
David Spangler

Då och då inträffar det omöjliga...
Faith Baldwin




Chance exists;
it is not the same as luck,
it obeys rules
we cannot understand,
but certainly it can be
helped and favoured.
There must be many efforts
- all efforts create
a field of energy, and this
at a critical moment
attracts towards it a solution.
Peter Brook

Take hold of your own life.
If you get love
it’s always a bonus.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Stop looking for others
for love and affection.
Heal yourself.
We’re all on our own.
Don’t let what’s happened
spoil your life;
it doesn’t have to.

If help is offered,
take it if you want it.
But in the end,
find the strength
to take hold of your own life
and make what you want of it.
Even the bad dreams
fade in time.
P.D. James